Who knew that accelerated Private Pilot and Instrument flight training could be so enjoyable? With Russell Aviation's flight training adventures, you will have an exciting time flying in mountainous terrain with one of the best mountain flight instructor's in the country. The flying is trickier, but the views of the Rocky Mountains are magnificent, and the stops along the way are spectacular. You will have a fun time seeing some of the most beautiful views in the United States during our cross-county aviation adventure which can include Alaska.

A true accelerated flight training adventure to remember for a lifetime!


  • Accelerated Flight training in the Cirrus SR-22
  • Accelerated Private Pilot training in the Diamond Star
  • Accelerated Instrument Rating
  • Accelerated Flight School
  • Accelerated Pilot Training
  • Instrument rating
  • Mountain and back country flying
  • IFR training includes landing in Aspen Colorado
  • Private Pilot License Course
  • Pilot Training in Canada

Welcome to Russell Aviation - Accelerated Private Pilot & Instrument Flight Training

For over 13 years, Russell Aviation's has been providing accelerated flight training adventures for the Private Pilot License and Instrument Rating. With our all-inclusive aviation adventures, you will not have all the headaches caused by making the arrangements yourself: planning overnight stops, deciding where to stay and what experiences are worth your time. After years of flight training, planning and travels have given our founder the knowledge necessary to create some of the ultimate flight training adventures for you. Our flight training school not only meet every pilot's flying dreams, but they also provide the pilot, their family and friends with time in beautiful Colorado and the ability to fly to remote and unique destinations in the Lower 48, Alaska, Canada and the Caribbean.

We use modern technically advanced aircraft such as the Garmin G1000 equipped Cessna 172, Cessna 182, Diamond Star DA-40 and the Cirrus SR20, Cirrus SR22 for our accelerated flight training adventures.

With our accelerated flight school, you can get your Private Pilot License in as little as 14 days. This is true full-immersion all-inclusive flight training adventure where you learn at your own pace with a highly experienced flight instructor. Training stops may include: Santa Fe and Taos, Lake Powell, Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Jackson Hole, Heber City/Sundance, Telluride, Steamboat Springs, Aspen, Leadville and other exciting stops.

You can also get your Instrument Rating in as little as 10 days with our cross-country all-inclusive IFR adventure. We focus on Single Pilot IFR Operations so you are prepared to venture into instrument conditions upon completion of our IFR adventure. Our IFR training adventures may include flight to Alaska, the Rocky Mountains, Idaho and Montana back-country where instrument flight students learn important instrument flight techniques as they work towards their instrument rating in "real world" IMC weather conditions.

As this is an educational aeronautical adventure with a Certified Flight Instructor. Before we leave on our adventure, you will spend a few days in Colorado learning more about the aircraft you have selected for your training and preparing for your cross-country adventure. It's critical to both your safety and your enjoyment of the rest of the adventure that you feel competent in the aircraft that you are flying from the first days of your aviation enrichment adventure.

The US military has continuously utilized accelerated flight training for our military pilots. Years of experience by the military and Russell Aviation has proven, full-time, intense training leads to a greater level of skills, proficiency and confidence necessary to operate safely as a well trained pilot at lower costs.

Russell Aviation has been the pioneer and one of the leading providers for Accelerated Flight Training Programs, which continues to be the future for general aviation flight training.